9/29/14  "How to stop Time" released on I tunes and all other digital Music markets world wide!!

This sophomore Album is a mind bending sonic experience full of space rock and neo soul revamping the keyboard heavy electronic sound of the 1st record for a more guitar based sonic soundscape on "How to stop Time" showing once again NeuHuman's knack of blending genre's and pushing the boundaries of what can be done musically in the realms of imagination and creativity.  How to Stop time will Rock, Hypnotize, Seduce, and possibly Scare you a little!   

Bon' Appetite 
Neu Videos:
Steed's been hard at work producing and editing some Video's to accompany the new "Live from the Kitchn"  album.  Here's "Last Day" and "Enlighten Up"  ...
other visual stimulants can be found in the Videos section.

Last Day

"Enlighten Up"

Live @ the Whisky-A-Go-Go

Some Video from That Whisky Show..
9/10/2012    Steed and I will Be Performing a rare two man show @ The Whisky A Special Night Indeed, We'll be showcasing a lot of new tunes from the Upcoming new Album in a stripped-down two man set. ...and Have No Fear!!..although this is more of an acoustic showcase for these new songs, I assure you lots of Toys and a healthy dose of Trickery up our sleeves to keep everyone pleasently teetering on the Brink!

           In the Case your wandering what some of these new songs sound like, I've added a few rough mixes to the sites media player.  "Take Me Home" featuring  Tony Catastrophe on Drums and Steed on lead vocals. "Black Stone", a much newer version of "The Big Drift" than previously on the site, and "Still Here" another song Featuring Steed on the Mic. 
A-Go-Go in Hollywood. Sept 22!!

As always, You can find new demos, collaborations, and live studio ethchings on my Sound Cloud  

10-08-10 - New Material - I've begun the long journey into the wilderness; in search of new material for the next album. I started NeuHuman as an outlet to test and explore my musicianship through my own devices, and with all of the experiences and opportunities of the last year, it seems that the project will continue to evolve and manifest itself in new ways.
          - View from a Plane DVD- Hot off the presses is my ghostbusting friend Aaron Goodwin's new "View from a Plane" DVD! Comprised from hundreds of hours of aireal footage from Aaron's travels around the Globe. This film is a breathtaking and humbling view of the Earth from vantage points rarely seen by the naked eye, scored to an Improvised Piano Soundtrack largely furnished by the likes of myself.          You can purchase the DVD and an abundance of Aaron's other awe-gawking creations at the home of 
Aaron Goodwin Collections

Here's a clip from "View from a Plane"

5-21-10 - Brand new instrumental "Shades of Grey" added to the Media Player and New artwork from Steed Corulla
check out Steed's Art in Section 8

    4-05-10- Review in Glide Magazine!

3-28-10- NeuHuman is reviewed in Hypnagogue and the SXSW edition of Austin Daze

3-7-10- Free Music: B - sides The Alarm and Shroeder along with Original versions of How to Walk through a Concrete Jungle and Musecal Politik are now available for download on the Fan Exclusive's widget at the bottom of this page.  -Enjoy 


1-25-10  - NeuHuman appears on the Jambands.com/Relix charts @ #28!!     
  •  The Album is currently being aired on college and satellite radio stations across the U.S. and Canada
  • Select NeuHuman tracks are being featured as the in-house Dining music at the East End Cafe, and The Cellar, both located in Red Hook, St Thomas -Virgin Islands. www.eastendcafevi.com  www.thecellarvi.com
New Artwork by Steed Corulla- "Al Azar - Whymns vol.2"

Al Azar- "Somewhere between Here and There" (2002-2007) 
The latest release from 800lb Gorilla; This is a retrospective album featuring some of the great music I created or was a part of throughout 2002 and 2007. Featruring choice cuts and rare live recordings from The Z, Mantenna, and some of my early solo work (pre NeuHuman). Find it on Itunes, Amazon mp3, and other fine online Music stores.

11-18-09 - Keep your Ears peeled for NeuHuman on College and Xm/Sirius satellite Radio accross the U.S. and Canada!

11-11-09 - Here is a listen of the new B-sides "Shroeder" and "The Alarm".  (Download these songs from the Fan widget below)

Nov 9, 2009 - NeuHuman released today on Itunes Amazon and all other major digital Markets Worldwide!

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