All Songs Produced and Mixed by Al Azar except  "Shy Times" and "Driving Home" Produced  and Mixed By Slo One

"Bad Mutha Love" mixed by Nicarao Narvaez
Bucky WunderLick  = Al Azar 



"100 songs in 100 Days"
  # 1 "Dust to Dust"                   
Al Azar - Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals  Nicarao Narvaez - Acoustic Guitar

 2 Wrath of the Deity  
Erich Graham - Vocals  
Al Azar - Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar, Keyboards 

 3 Bad Mutha Love
Erich Graham - Vocals 
Nicarao Narvaez - Bass, Guitars, Vocals 
Al Azar - Guitar, Drums, Vocals 
Backing Vocals - Mike Harpel, Jazz Jordan , Pachakutic Lozano, Tom Porcella 
Mixed by Nicarao Narvaez 
Model - Jade Galan

4 "We Live in the Future" 
Al Azar - Synthesizers, Drum Machine 
Nico DVBS - 808 Kit

5 "Schroeder"
Al Azar - Piano, Synthesizers, Vocals, Drum arrangements
Steed Corulla - Whistle, Vocals, Cell Phone

6 "Meanwhile inside a Dream" 
Al Azar - Guitars 

 7 "War Song"
Tom Porcella - electric guitar, percussion, glockenspeil 
Al Azar - acoustic guitar, synthesizers, drums, vocals 

 8 "Out of Nowhere" 
Nicarao Narvaez - electric guitar 
Al Azar - acoustic guitar, drums, bass, organ, synth, vocals 


9 "Caught in the Undertow"
Nico DVBS - Vocals
Al Azar - guitars, bass, organ, vocals, drum arrangement Mixed by Nicarao Narvaez and Al Azar
original photo by marc johnson 

10 "Z" "Green Tea 
Len Shaw - Guitar
Mike Litt - Drums
Joe Kieres - Bass
Al Azar - Keyboards
John Andreyo – Engineer 




Out of this Haze, I guess I thought it was safe. I Thought the War was Over... Maybe it just Began ”

— War Song

We Lie in the grace of contentment, The Moon lights our way at Night. The Stars Shine like they're not Pretending, There's Beauty where the Shadows Hide. I'm drunk on Her intoxication's, She pulls me back through every time. We sleep till the mornings incantation, to serve as the new day's scribe.”

— The Sun and the Moon