Welcome to the 100 Songs in 100 Days

(Please be patient while the videos load. Sit back, play a tune on the media player, or peep on the luscious art all around you. )
Between March 21st and June 28th 2016, NeuHuman's Al Azar  challenged himself with what he felt was the ultimate musical task... writing, recording, and releasing 100 Songs in 100 consecutive Days!!  Armed only with the help of a few friends volunteering their talents to accomplishing such Grandeur,  and 9 "Life Lines" of previously unreleased material....the vast Majority of the songs were written, recorded, mixed, and mastered within 24hrs of their release.  
The Results were nothing short of Magical!  A Musical Project unlike Anything that has come before, and featuring almost 7 hours of Music from multiple styles and genres,  the 100 Songs in 100 Days is a true Celebration of Music and all of its Possibilities!
Welcome to the Party!!!